Josh McBride

Josh McBride

An honest, hardworking and diligent Level 6 media undergraduate.

Hoping to work in a role delivering high quality experiences, services, and products to the public. A team player, shown by previous work experience, but also strong minded and independent due to an enthusiastic work ethic and an academic upbringing. A dedicated hard worker, I strive to produce and deliver high quality work in any role. A firm believer that excellent communication and organisation are vital to succeed, I use these skills throughout work, academic, and personal life.

Outside of work/university, I enjoy travelling. My most recent trips being to Greece, Berlin, and South-East Asia. I believe travel opens up opportunities and gives experiences which are unforgettable and give lifelong lessons.

Other interests

  • Political activism
  • The works of Salvador Dali
  • Rock, house, and techno music
  • Social Media-as a means of communication and globalisation
  • Philosophy – Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham, Karl Marx