Prototype Project Reflective Report


SHUHUB Team – Josh McBride, Sophie Williams,

                                Ire Akinfisoye, Simon Harvican

This report will reflect on a prototype development project. As a team, we mutually agreed to develop a prototype app for Sheffield Hallam University. (SHU) The initial team discussions took place during seminar time, and were focused on discussion of the general problems with the current SHUgo app. As Students of SHU, we all had an opinion on the functionality and usefulness of the app, and immediately identified problem areas which needed to be solved in the development of SHUHUB. Following this, we agreed to meet each week to discuss progress and development of the project.

Following the identification of key development goals (design and no reliance on Blackboard), roles were delegated to each team member; based on what we needed to accomplish for the pitch presentation. These included: Introduction (SHUgo and the need for SHUHUB), Design & Development, Creation & Cost, and Market Research. SHUgo and the need for SHUHUB were delegated to Sophie, Design & Development to Ire with help from all, Creation & Cost to Simon, and Market Research to myself. Following role delegation, research and working on the project was done individually, using suitable programs to stay up to date on progress. For example, Facebook group chat, and Google Slides/Docs due to its live update/saving functionality. This made the logistics of working individually easier due to us being able to see what all team members were doing.

The delegated roles were fulfilled successfully, and accurately delegated due to our strengths and interests. However, we did not restrict ourselves to sections, and worked cooperatively during times of difficulty, and towards the end when compiling all the research and designs. For example, we all distributed the Survey which Sophie created, to get a greater number of respondents. This method of working individually but cooperatively also, while communicating throughout, was very successful. Often group projects can be logistically difficult due to poor communication, and our methods prevented this.

The result of our team project was a well-researched, well presented, thorough prototype. We collected a great amount of informative information and research, through our hard work both individually and cooperatively. On reflection, the project has been a learning and development process. Skills and knowledge of app development have been increased, and our confidence and creativity also. Personally, my confidence has increased the most, as I believe we went into the pitch feeling confident that our prototype project had been successful.

The project has helped us all develop as strong collaborative workers, and given us knowledge and insights which are valuable for both Media Technologies and wider society. For example, due to market research and user satisfaction research, we now recognise the significance of having users involved with the development process of an app. The cooperative, inclusive approach to development and management of SHUHUB which we suggested, can be promoted to more than just apps. Cooperative working and collaboration between creator/user would benefit more than just SHU. If the wider society took this approach, then it would result in more shared, successful developments of ideas – turning them into realities.


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